Keeping It Cosy This Winter

As the cold sets in and we’re left patiently waiting for the frost to melt in a few months time, it’s important to keep yourself cosy and warm this winter. Whether you’re looking to create a snug living room atmosphere or update your kitchen accessories for the new year, Kath & Kin can help. 

A cosy home is what we all want, which is why we’re dedicated to designing the perfect ingredients for a relaxing living space. So you can enjoy this cold season from the comfort of your sofa, surrounded by the warm and beautiful Kath & Kin decor.

Let’s start with our White and Silver Marble Oil Burners  These items excel in releasing gorgeous aromas into your home whilst emitting a warm glow in those dark winter evenings. Place them on windowsills, above your fireplace or on your coffee table and enjoy the calming ambience. Each tea light holder or wax warmer is designed with gaps in the ceramic, allowing you to easily fill your home with your favourite aromas. 

Next, why not try the Double-Walled Glass Mugs, a new and unique way of enjoying your warm beverages. Fill these mugs with hot chocolate, tea or coffee, whatever takes your fancy, and enjoy hot drinks whilst relaxing in comfy clothing. These glass mugs are designed to keep the heat in for longer, so you can take your time and avoid burning your tongue! If you’re a fan of herbal or fruit tea, you can enjoy the visual aspect of your drink as well as the taste, all with Double-Walled Glass Mugs. 

Looking for something to match your new glass mugs, take a look at the Kath & Kin Clear Glass Teapot with Bamboo Lid. Enjoy your favourite unique flavours with the spring infuser placed inside the spout, so you can keep the contents inside whilst pouring your hot drinks. It’s a stylish addition to any afternoon tea, helping you and your guests stay warm and cosy over the winter. Designed with a silicone seal, your teapot will keep all the heat and flavours in, whilst you enjoy the tea that pours out. 

Another beautiful addition to any home is our collection of large apothecary jars, including our 5 Litre Apothecary Bath Bomb Storage Jars. These items, stocked by Kath & Kin, can store any number of things, from bath bombs to biscuits and even your stock of tea lights, so you can have those wax warmers on the go at any time. Start organising today with Kath & Kin’s large apothecary jars and relax in a beautifully tidy home.

At Kath & Kin, we know the benefits of keeping warm and cosy at home this winter, helping you relax after a stressful day at work or enjoy your time off at the weekend. Do it all with Kath & Kin’s cosy winter collection, designed for every home. 

Shop the Kath & Kin range now and start creating your own homely feeling today.