Time For Spring Cleaning

Its that time of year again! Time to pull everything off the shelves and out of the cupboards, time to battle dust bunnies with that old reliable duster and vacuum cleaner tag team, and time to discover you do in fact actually own about three strainers and that they haven't seen daylight since you did this last year.

But don't worry, your friends at Kath & Kin have made a list of rules to stick to, designed to help you stay motivated and make everything a little easier. As keeping our homes tidy, organised and looking lovely is quite a passion of ours, we can confidently say we're qualified.

1: Plan Ahead.
Set yourself a schedule and stick to it, maybe on Monday you clean the living room, then on Tuesday move on to the kitchen, moving onto the more intense areas as the week goes on. Or maybe you want to get the big jobs out of the way first, then finish up with all the nice little ones. Whatever order you want to work in, plan it out and stick to it.

2: Remove Distractions.
The last thing you want is for this to take any longer that has to, so when you're doing the living room, hide the remote for the television. When you're cleaning the kitchen cupboards, you have to put the wine back, now is not the time. Once you've started cleaning, don't stop halfway through, or you won't want to start again and it'll look even worse than before if everything is left out.

3: Have the Right Equipment
Don't do something silly and try the use your vacuum cleaner in the sink, make sure you've got the right tool for the job, and if its a selection of cleaning equipment such as sponges disinfectants and soaps, consider getting yourself a Carry Caddy to keep everything organised, and it helps when moving from one job to another.

4: Keep An Eye Out For Improvement
As your going through your home, keep checking for areas that could look nicer. Are your perfumes just shoved into a drawer somewhere? Our Rotating Organisers are a perfect way to keep them organised and on show. Is the fridge so messy it takes you five minutes just to find the carrots? Our Fridge Storage Containers will help with that. Can you even see the floor in your kid's bedrooms anymore? Our Stackable Storage Boxes are perfect for helping them keep things tidy.

5: Have Fun!
Cleaning might be a literal chore, but that doesn't mean you don't have to enjoy it! Put your favourite music on and dance while your cleaning, or sing along using the mop as a microphone. Set yourself goals and when you reach them, celebrate with a coffee or some time with the family. And always remember to reward yourself when you have finished everything for a job well done, because you now get to sit back and relax in a nice, clean and tidy home and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of it all.

Good luck and enjoy your Spring Cleaning!