The Not-So-Subtle Way of Tagging Yourself to the Perfect Christmas Gift.

The Not-So-Subtle Way of Tagging Yourself to the Perfect Christmas Gift.
We’ve all been there, It’s a few weeks from Christmas, let's say you want some bath oils to go with your Shabby2Chic Boutique pump bottles, he knows you use bath oils whenever you soak, he knows you’re running low because you’ve dropped enough subtle reminders you're about to run out, he knows what your favourite scent is because it hasn't changed for the past five years. Then it comes to Christmas day... he hands you this neatly wrapped little box, you are filled with excitement, you tear it open… and he’s bought you slippers.
This year let’s make sure they know exactly what you hope to find underneath the tree. Find something you want and save the post until the time is right. Then, while he’s relaxing on the sofa, drinking his tea, scrolling through his phone looking at whatever men look at, the time is now! TAG HIM!
When you can see he’s replying to the message you sent him (over an hour ago!) so he must have his phone in his hand, TAG HIM!
When he’s laying in bed looking through his phone, with the brightness on FULL while you’re trying to sleep, TAG HIM!
"Psychological Studies" have shown that the male brain needs repeated exposure before ANYTHING SINKS IN! (I'm sure we can all relate to this) If he STILL ends up getting you slippers, well maybe this year is the year you can finally take HIM back for that refund.