A change in season brings exciting new opportunities to freshen up our home décor. Spring time brings with it foliage, floral designs and fresh interior 

Kath and Kin are bringing you some easy steps to brighten up your home this season with styling tips and gift ideas for all budgets

Now we have packed away the Christmas decorations many of us are thinking about the year ahead and what that looks like from an interior design point of view

From organising our storage jars, to styling that bedside cabinet.

Let's jump right into gifting. Looking for the perfect gift for mother's day or a friends birthday? Kath and Kin's Dandelion "Be Yourself" Mug are the perfect inexpensive gift that provide a beautiful positive quote and pretty dandelion design on a white ceramic mug. The perfect drinkware to enjoy their morning cuppa.

Looking for a perfect New Home gift for a loved one moving house?

Kath and Kin have a beautiful array of homeware from stylish candle holders including our Oval Shaped Hooked Gold Candle Holder to add a touch of class to a sideboard or fireplace. Looking for a gift more practical and stylish? Then our Carved Savannah Styling Tray is the perfect addition to any home. Perfect for serving and styling. This charming tray is both functional and beautiful.

Looking for cute Easter Gifts? We got you covered with our Fluffy White Bunnies to add cute and fun ornaments to your home this spring. Kath and Kin's Stake Bunnies are a cute way to make Easter hunts fun by placing these adorable Teddy Bunny Stakes Set of 3 around the home in plant pots or the garden.

Now we promised to bring you everything from styling to organising so here we have the perfect way to organise your home on a budget.

Kath and Kin offer a huge range of waterproof and oil resistant labels to help you organise your storage jars and cleaning essentials. Give your bathroom a fresh minimal feel with Kath and Kin's White Waterproof Minimal Labels with wording like "Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Bath Salts, Hand Wash and so many more. From just £1.25 per label. Easy to apply and using the highest quality materials and printing techniques so you can enjoy your new waterproof labels for years to come. 

Organising your storage jars in your kitchen is just as easy with Kath and Kin. Check out our ever growing range of White Waterproof, Oil Resistant and Tear resistant Pantry Labels with wording like, Cereal, Pasta, Rice, Stock Cubes and so many more. Labelling your storage jars can help keep your cupboards organised, save on shopping trips by avoiding over spending with a more visual space in your kitchen and give a uniform look to your home. Style bamboo lid jars on a shelf in your kitchen with Kath and Kin's modern and minimal labels to create more space in your cupboards, making accessing your sundries less of a chore and offering a beautiful and modern visual space to your pantry of kitchen

Kath and Kin's SPRING COLLECTION has everything you'll need for home styling and gifts this season. Shop the full collection today