How Labels Can Save You Time And Money

Lets talk labels- Ever seen an organised pantry or pretty bathroom and thought  “I want that look in my home, just can’t justify the cost?” Well, Kath and Kin are excited to announce our brand-new label collection to help you save space, time and money.

Since we started selling our customised homeware back in 2017 a question that would always come up is “Do you sell the labels on their own?” Well, now we are happy to say "YES" we do sell individual labels as well as our products pre labelled.

Now we know it isn’t always easy to find the right fit labels for your storage jars and containers, so we made things a little easier and created something for everyone. We have an array of different label options, from customisable individual labels to label bundles for everything from pet essentials to pantry labels, bathroom storage labels, baking ingredients, storage jars for around your home plus labels for special occasions like weddings.

VINYL LABELS- Vinyl labels are a great way to add a customisable, personal and organised touch around your home and add a personal element to wedding décor. Whether you’re a lady who loves label applying or a gentleman who enjoys the systematic touch labels can offer, we are sure you will be spoilt for choice. Kath and Kin understand everyone uses items in their homes in different ways. I mean, we even call things different names, you say “liquid tablets” I say “Laundry Pods”. Well, with our vinyl labels you can customise them to say whatever you want them to say. A popular storage solution this season is laundry glass bottles, and we have just the labels to fit them perfectly. Add a label for your softener, scent boosters or liquid tablets to your bottles with Kath and Kin's VINYL LAUNDRY BOTTLE LABELS and save space in your utility and with a transparent bottle helping you see when stock is running low on your most used laundry essentials, helping you keep on top of stock levels too. Making it easy for all the family to know exactly what is in every storage jar in your kitchen cupboard.

Tired of unsightly pump bottles laying around your bathroom? Organise your bathroom bottles with matching BATHROOM BOTTLE LABELS for every pump bottle in your bathroom. Need a little help visualising the contents of your storage boxes and caddies? Our CADDY LABELS are the perfect fit for minky caddies and Addis caddies. Helping organise your garage, utility or kitchen cabinets. Storage a range of things from Cloths, Dishwasher Tablets, Pet Treats, Food Waste to help keep them hidden away and easy to access. The list of possibilities really are endless when you are armed with a bundle of labels for your storage. Oh, and did I mention the array of different colours our vinyl labels come in? From black, grey, white, blue, pink, beige to name a few, you can be sure you will find a colour to suit your home décor as well as your style too.

Kath and Kin have been sure to include everything from labels for your soap dispenser bottles to be as organised as Mrs Hinch herself. Ever felt frustrated with how much food you wasted this week? Reduce your food waste and save money on grocery shopping with our FRIDGE STORAGE LABELS, these really help reduce overspending on grocery shopping and can reduce food waste when everything is labelled correctly.

Did we mention we have PET BOWL LABELS for your furry friends too. Adding a little personal touch to your dog and cats feeding and water bowls can be fun and will have all their tail wagging friends green with envy too .

Now lets talk cupboard and drawers. Ever taken the ironing up and waited 3 days for someone to put it away before giving in and putting the laundry away yourself? To be told " I don't know where it goes" We have just the answer for you. Kath and Kin's DRAWER LABELS with 4 different fonts and a range of wording colours to choose from our drawer labels are customisable allowing yu to request the wording that suits your needs. Arrange of ideas and popular requests from our customers are Pj's Vests, Gym Kit, School Kit, Toys, Crayons. deal for keeping bedroom's, office spaces and playrooms organisation to help you and the children tidy away their clothes and toys. Now that is music to our ears, right?

HOME COLLECTION LABELS - Now our brand new home labels are a real trend setter, with a choice of two colours brilliant white and chic cream these really are the height of home interior fashion right now and can really add a super organised and modern feel to any room in your home. With their square design and thin capital font they don’t just help organise your life, they look incredible too.

Already have storage jars for your tea and coffee or looking for a little glow up for your bathroom bottles? Kath and Kin have the perfect must have this season for your storage needs. Now if you know Kath and Kin you will know we are incredibly intense when it comes to the quality of all our products and our labels are no different. After months of research and extensive quality control, we are pleased to say our labels are not just waterproof but also oil resistant too. Meaning any inevitable spills or finger marks from little hands, are no match for Kath and Kin’s home collection labels. Simply wipe away and these labels look as good as new. With their waterproof design this makes them perfect for organising your bathroom shampoo and conditioner bottles, bath bomb jars and wash essentials.

We have a whole range from white BATHROOM LABELS for pump bottles and storage jars, meaning you can add a real spa like feel to your bathroom or on-suite.  BAKING LABELS for all your baking ingredients like Flour, Icing Sugar, Cocoa, PANTRY LABELS to help organise your Pasta, Rice, Cereal, and everything in between. LAUNDRY LABELS for your Washing Powder, Liquid Tablets, Scent Boosters and all those other laundry essentials taking up space in bulky boxes and unsightly plastic bags in the kitchen cupboard or utility room. CLEANING LABELS for Anti Bac, Sanitiser, Dishwasher Tablets and Dishwasher Salt to name a few. Time to throw out the unsightly bags and boxes condense them into your favourite storage jars. Helping you decant and go!

Your storage jars will look top of the range and your day-to-day life will be less of a stress when it comes to looking for the essentials. Not only does labelling your storage jars, containers and bottles make life easier when it comes to needing to find cooking ingredients and your favourite body wash or dog treats, it can also cut costs. Ever done the food shopping and bought things you already have because they were hiding in the back of a kitchen cupboard or bathroom cupboard under a mountain of other not used items? Yeah, me too. Until you label up your storage and suddenly you have no more half empty bags of rice hidden under the 7 boxes of stock cubes and empty bags of crisps that got put back in the cupboard that no one ever owns up to, right?

If you love labels, we are sure you will find something you love here with Kath & Kin’s ever growing LABEL COLLECTION for your pretty home and special occasions.

Now last but not least. LOVE HEART LABELS.

These cute labels offer the same waterproof and oil resistant properties of all our other labels as well as a chic look. These beautiful grey and cream labels can take the most basic of storage jars for your tea coffee and sugar and add a real shabby chic look to your kitchen or laundry room. These beautiful labels are available for beverage canisters and laundry storage. Our DRINK LABELS are the perfect way to create your own hot chocolate station in your kitchen to wow your guests and keep your favourite hot drink ingredients to hand, Create your own with Kath and Kin’s drink labels. Love cleaning and laundry essentials? Why not show the world your love for labels and your home with these unique and pretty Love Heart LAUNDRY LABELS

Create a pretty home in minutes with their easy application, simply peel and apply your labels and enjoy the stylish design for years to come. Helping you save money and time whilst looking stylish and organised

Start your organised journey today with Kath and Kin’s labels.