Christmas Is Sneaking Up On Us Again

So how many times has this happened to you… you see something your friend would just LOVE as a gift this Christmas, but you’re in the middle of something so you remind yourself to order this afternoon. But once you get back and you’ve walked the dog and made dinner and done your other jobs, the idea of buying Christmas presents has completely left your mind, but that’s okay, Christmas is over a month away, you’ve got plenty of time right?
And then BAM! Christmas songs are on the radio, there is fake snow in the shop windows, and those creepy little plastic elves are EVERYWHERE, and you ask yourself “did I ever order that for her?”.  You rush to your computer, log onto the website, press add to cart, and your heart sinks as you see “estimated delivery date: 29th December”
This is your official announcement to remind you not to leave it to late, avoid disappointment this year and make sure you have ordered your gifts from Kath & Kin no later than the 10th of December if you want your gifts to arrive in time for Christmas. As amazing as we are, I don’t think after our Christmas Eve wine we’ll be able to drop your gifts down the chimney for you.