Keeping Breakfast Easy

As things are starting to return to normal with businesses starting to reopen, it looks like our easy mornings are starting to come to an end. Soon we'll be back to getting up earlier to make sure we have time for breakfast and to miss the rush hour traffic to get to work on time. Although it is nice that everything is returning back to normal, I'm sure you have enjoyed being able to get to spend that little bit of extra time in bed, taking your time with your breakfast, and starting work still in your pyjamas.
But have no fear, Kath & Kin is here to make the breakfast time rush a little easier. Our 3.3 Litre Glass Jar with Bamboo/Glass Lids is the perfect way to store your cereals, keeping them fresh with the airtight seal on the lid, with a bamboo or glass lid depending on the style of your kitchen. The transparency of the jar allows you to quickly see how much cereal you have left, making picking your breakfast quicker and helps with the restocking. Or if you prefer some toast instead of cereal, or you're making some sandwiches for your lunch, our Porcelain Butter Dish is the ideal way to keep your butter fresh and ready to be used. Not only does it look stylish with its bamboo lid design and knife indent, but it also helps keep your fridge tidier by keeping a spot free, it also maintains the freshness of the butter with its rubber seal on the lid. No more destroying bread by trying to spread a brick of butter over it, now it will always be fresh and ready to spread.


3.3 litre Glass Jars with Bamboo/glass Lid
Porcelain Butter Dish with Knife


But what breakfast is complete without a good cuppa? Transform your kitchen counter from bleak and boring to an exciting and stylish centrepiece with our 3 Glass Storage Canisters or our Labelled Stacked Glass Jar with Bamboo Lids. These are the ideal way to store your tea bags, coffee granules and other drink ingredients you like, the airtight seal on the lids keeps the contents fresh and tasty. The custom personalised wording really adds a touch of style to the jars, and helps with the organisation and quickly finding what you need. Nothing prepares you and gets you ready for your day like a nice, tasty hot drink, and there is nothing worse than when you go to make a drink and realise that you don't have sugar left. Not anymore, with their transparent design allowing you to keep an eye on stock levels, making it easier when you do the restocking trips.  

Shabby2Chic Boutique set of 3 glass storage cannisters
Shabby2Chic Boutique Labelled Stacked Glass Jar Bamboo Lid
So as we slowly return to normal, we can look back fondly on our easier mornings, but we can still make them as easy as possible, and look stylish doing it.