Big Jars for a Big Impact!

Are you looking for a larger jar to store your favourite dry foods or cleaning products in? Have you been looking for something that has a bit more of an impact in your home? Or maybe you've seen the countless videos on social media of the gorgeous jars being filled up and wondered where you can get your hands on them for yourself? Well, our newest home organisation products might be just what you've been looking for. 

Kath & Kin 5 Litre Apothecary large glass storage jars

If you’re looking for something to make a statement, our new 5-litre Apothecary Glass Storage Jars are ideal for creating a real focal point. These jars are great for keeping large amounts of sundry items in your kitchen, such as cereals, biscuits, and pasta, or for cleaning products in your laundry room or bathroom. The clear glass design along with the Contemporary labels or custom personalised wording will make sure that these fit to your style.

   We’ve made sure that you’re spoilt for choice, as these large storage jars come in our Contemporary option, our Classic original font or our new and exclusive Kath & Kin Font.


 Our large Large Apothecary glass jars are perfect for many reasons, not only are they this seasons home organisation must-have, these beautiful storage jars add a stylish and modern touch to your house, and help keep your cupboards and drawers clear of clutter. With the option to choose from a range of label styles and wording from laundry essentials like washing powder and laundry pods to food storage for cereal, pasta, biscuits and much more. These beautiful jars will look lovely wherever you decide to keep them, making them the perfect way to replace those boring bland boxes with something much more designer. With the same custom personalised wording or Contemporary label options as the previous jars, these will make keeping your home tidy and organised much less of a chore.

  The clear glass design of both jars allows you to keep a better eye on stock levels, and the air-tight rubber seal on the lids ensures that the contents are always kept fresh, dry and ready for you to use. The Contemporary labels on the jars let you choose from our most popular wording options, such as "Washing Powder", "Cereals", "Biscuits" and more. Alternatively, you can choose your own wording, font, and colour with our standard option, so you can be sure these will fit right in with your home.